Natal Chart Reading

During your natal chart reading we will take a look at your past-life karma, the evolutionary intention for the present incarnation, and the assets and liabilities that you carry with you on your journey.

$135 / 60-90 minutes

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Follow-up Session

During follow-up sessions we will take a look at how the current planetary alignments are interacting with your natal chart in order to help you determine how to use these energies to your greatest advantage.

$135 / 60-90 minutes

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Synastry Reading

Synastry, or relationship astrology, explores the dynamics between two charts in order to analyze the compatibility between two people.

$150 / 90 minutes

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Total eclipse of the Soul

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Appointments available Tuesday through Thursday 8pm; Sunday 4pm or 8pm EST


"A natural empath with intuitive skill, Carrie helped bring clarity to elements of my recent journey that had before escaped my attention."

− Matthew

"Since my reading with Carrie, I have accepted my Divine Design in a new and improved way, and am making very different kinds of decisions – ones that support my native abilities, values and dreams."

− Kristina

"Carrie was able to articulate deep truths about my life and being that I had not been able to put into words."

− Marsha