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About Starcrow Art

By November 2, 2015January 13th, 2016Starcrow Art
Winged Woman, Taking Flight

I never thought of myself as an artist until a few winters ago, when a series of dreams inspired me to start working with collage.

At first it was mostly a meditative process—a type of spiritual practice with no clear purpose. I soon discovered that my art allowed for a level of expression that had always eluded to me in writing. I began to combine timeless symbols to create storylines from magazines clippings of by-gone eras, reborn for today’s world.

The themes that I explore artistically are deeply intwined with the work that I do as an astrologer.

In my astrological practice I help articulate the unique spiritual journey that each of my clients is on, providing context and meaning to their stories. My collages are snapshots of the archetypal hero’s journey, touching on universal truths that we all share.

Starcrow Collage Art Prints

Starcrow art prints are now available for purchase online, starting around $20. Select a piece below or visit the Starcrow Gallery for more — including sizes, pricing and formatting options.

 For more Starcrow art paired with astrology insight, follow @starcrowastrology on Instagram.

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