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Starcrow Astrology: Genesis & Vision

By November 2, 2015December 9th, 2015Astrology & Culture, Starcrow Astrology

One night during my first semester of Divinity School, I cooked a beautiful meal for a classmate of mine, who happened to be an amateur astrologer, in return for a my very first natal chart reading. One little taste of astrology and I immediately fell in love with this ancient esoteric art.

That was 2008 in Berkeley, California. The astrology seed had been planted, but I didn’t really start learning how to read charts until I became pregnant with my first child about four years later. Like any expectant mother I was curious about the the baby growing inside of me. I knew that this child would be born a Libra, but what did that imply? I wanted to unlock the secrets that the planets held for my child, so I ordered the first book of what would soon become my astrological library.

While other moms-to-be were reading What To Expect While You’re Expecting, I was reading Astrology, Karma, and Transformation.

As my belly expanded so did my reality. I went from wondering about the Libran personality to wondering where this little soul, or any soul really, was coming from. After my baby’s birth, my astrological studies became more serious. I started following Kaypacha’s weekly astrological forecast. His work sparked my interest in Evolutionary Astrology. I studied Jeffery Wolfe Green’s work, and then when I discovered Steven Forrest’s techniques I knew that I was home. I became an apprentice in the Steven Forrest School of Evolutionary Astrology, and I began working with my mentor, Chicago-area astrologer Karole Bair, to perfect my practice. I had gone to Divinity School to become a spiritual care provider, and with astrology I finally found the modality that I had been searching for all along.

As a practicing astrologer, I use the natal chart to offer my clients spiritual guidance that empowers them to transform their lives.

I believe that our culture would greatly benefit from incorporating a cosmic framework into collective mythology in order to help give meaning to this time of great change that we are living in. As the earth’s systems are shifting, old frameworks for understanding reality are also breaking down. Many people are feeling unfulfilled, disillusioned, and disconnected, yet they struggle onward in their journey. I use Evolutionary Astrology to offer my clients a deep encounter with themselves so that they can see how they fit into a much more expansive story.

Beyond my work with individual clients, I’m interested in collaborating with other astrologers to de-stigmatize this practice and bring it back to the center of culture where it belongs.

I want to join with my fellow astrologers to unpack the archetypal significance of the major planetary transits that will occur throughout the rest of this century. Major transits correlate with large-scale cultural transformation. These transits will also correlate with the environmental changes that scientists say are inevitable and already well underway. Connecting the planetary transits to their earthly manifestations brings profound meaning to what might otherwise be experienced as chaos.

I will be exploring themes relating to Evolutionary Astrology and the intersection of astrology and culture here on this blog. Starting in early 2016 I plan to launch a YouTube video series on these topics as well. Please submit your questions and comments so that I can create the content that is most valuable to you, and be sure to join the Starcrow email list for updates.

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