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Saturn has taken up residence in Sagittarius for the next two years, and this month the Lord of Karma is adding a heavy flavor to all that we have cooking in Sagittarius. On Tuesday, Mercury, the ruler of the intellect, catches up to Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitation. With this planetary combination it is all about bringing the sheer force of your consciousness to bear against the noise that wants to run like a wild banshee screaming through your mind. Saturn is interested in objective facts, it has no time for your victim story. Saturn conjunct Mercury is a dance of will and consciousness. Neptune is in this psychic mix too, in square aspect to the Saturn / Mercury conjunction. Neptune dissolves everything that it touches. So that boundary that Saturn is trying to create around your Mercury monkey mind? Neptune is dissolving that boundary, and it is also working on Mercury, dissolving the structures of the mind itself. The upshot? Confusion! The remedy? Slow down! Don’t believe what your mind is saying, and while you are at question what other people are telling you too. Get the facts. And anytime Neptune is in the picture, it is about your intuition. So go slow, get the facts, and do a gut check before proceeding through this transit

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