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Last Wednesday, we had a full moon in Gemini just as we headed into Thanksgiving weekend. Full moons are about illumination, clarity, and insight, and a full moon in Gemini indicates that the insights in question came through communication with others. The full moon in Gemini is an apt metaphor for returning home, reconnecting with family, for the conversation that came, and for inner reflection on how far we have come in life. But there was more to this full moon. It was opposed Saturn, indicating that we had karma coming back to us over the weekend. You might have felt the emotional impact of past dealings with your family members as you sat around the Thanksgiving table. With Saturn in the picture you may have felt constrained, like it was harder to connect than usual. And Neptune was on the scene too, square the moon, adding a whole lot of confusion into the mix. Woah. As you process your holiday experience, ask yourself what karma came back to you over the weekend? What insights did you receive? What was confusing? And most importantly, how are you going to apply your insights and adjust accordingly as you move into the future?

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