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In my last post, I drew a correlation between Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius and the current refugee crisis in the Mideast. In this post I am going to offer an interpretation of how Saturn in Sagittarius may be impacting us on a personal level.Sagittarius is symbolic of the archetypal hero’s journey. This is where we seperate from the tribe and leave our homes in search of self-discovery. This quest is filled with tribulation. It stretches us, it tests us, it requires us to tap into inner resources that we didn’t know we had, and ultimately we are transformed in and through the process. Now think of Saturn with its rings. Saturn is a planet of boundaries. In Sagittarius, Saturn crystalizes our self-discovery as if to say, “This is who I am.” There is a maturity about Saturn in Sagittarius. It is the act of staking a concrete claim on an adult identity that is in alignment with the truth of our being.Self-definition! Awesome, right? Who would want to mess with that? How about the tribe that raised you and has lots of opinions about who you are supposed to be? Enter Neptune!For the last week and a half Neptune has been in square aspect to Saturn. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. So that healthy adult boundary that you have built around yourself? Neptune has been hard at work corroding that boundary since Thanksgiving day. I am thinking of Neptune here as the pressure to conform to other people’s expectations. It is a pressure that comes from some of the people who love you most in the world, but who really don’t get you at all. I am feeling a pressure compromise healthy adult boundaries with this Neptune square Saturn, and there is an element of confusion at play too. The Neptune energy makes you question your own boundaries, your own ideals, your own separate identity. The good news is that this energy has already peaked, and it should ease off next week

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