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Over the weekend Venus, the planet of love and desire, moved into Scorpio, where love is anything but a casual affair. Expect an shot of intensity straight to the heart with this one. In Scorpio, Venus wants total union with her beloved. She wants to dig into the mystery of the other, go to the deepest place inside of them, and then go deeper. It is a possessive, obsessive sort of love that rips open the heart and lays the soul bare. There is so much feeling, so much passion with Venus in Scorpio. Venus’s desire here is to totally lose herself in the process of merging with the other. Venus represents that which we desire. It can be another person, an objective, a goal, a creative pursuit. With Venus traveling through Scorpio for the next month, expect the heat to be turned up a notch with whatever it is that you want and desire. The intensity of this planet/sign combination can be hard to handle. Harness the energy and channel it in a positive direction

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