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Yesterday I dropped my toddler off in the child care center at my gym so that I could sit in the lobby and work on this post. No sooner had I typed the words, “With the sun in stressful square aspect to Jupiter this week, you may be feeling pulled to overexert yourself, testing limits and pushing boundaries…”, than a member of the child care staff tracked me down to let me know that my little girl had to exit the child care center, pronto, because she was hitting all of the other kids. My girl was unapologetic to boot, and even seemed satisfied with herself when went in to pick her up. Maybe my Little Star was just having a bad afternoon as three-year-olds do, but her behavior was certainly apropos with the astrological energy of the moment.The sun represents our individual identities. It is the energy that we radiate and the fuel that we run on. Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, expands whatever it touches. So what happens when Jupiter throws fuel onto the sun? There can be a tendency toward too much ego, too much self-exertion, and too much aggression. This is a time when personal excesses can become extreme. There is just too much self. The Uranus / Mars opposition this week adds even more tension between self and other. Uranus is bringing sudden insights and awakenings in the arena of identity, and with the Mars opposition these sudden insights are causing tension in our relationships. Be aware of the potential for ego-inflation with these aspects. It is a good time to slow down and assess the risks before breaking the rules, and to pay close attention to way that our self-presentation is impacting others. Some of us might be getting a little too hot to handle at the moment. You might want to turn it down a notch

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