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With Mercury conjunct Pluto today, the intellect has access into the deep subconscious realms. This aspect presents us with an opportunity to do some emotional dumpster diving, to shine the mind’s light into hidden recesses of the psyche where old emotions get stuck, petrify, and turn toxic over time, poisoning the spirit. Sometimes bodily wounds have to be lanced to get the poison out in order for healing to occur. It is the same with emotional wounds. The mind can be used as a lance today by directing mental focus toward the healing of old emotional wounds. It is not just a mental exercise though, you have to feel the pain in order for healing to occur. Feel it and release it. This conjunction occurs in Capricorn. It calls us to look at how we have been wounded by the patriarchy. Where have you internalized patriarchal values? Are you judging yourself according to someone else’s value system? Where have you suppressed yourself in order to fit in? What is coming up for you with this conjunction?

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