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December 22, 2015 – I hope that you had a very happy solstice yesterday friends! The solstice chart sets the tone next three months of winter. Set some intentions around this one to take you all the way to the spring equinox on March 20th. In yesterday’s chart, we had the Sun squaring the north and south nodes of the moon. The moon’s nodes represent the past and the future. Anytime you see a planet squaring the nodes, and the sun counts as a planet here, it points toward a “skipped step” in the soul’s evolutionary process. The sun is in Capricorn, indicating that this skipped step has to do with each of us claiming a profound level of personal authority over our lives. This square is asking us to take a look at where we are stuck in victimhood, blaming other people or circumstances for our experience. It is time time to drop the stories that keep us mired in victimhood and take full responsibility for our lives. With the north node in Virgo, this is a time when tremendous emotional and physical healing is possible. Taking complete responsibility for your life has to do with taking control of your health. Health practices purify the body temple, disposing us to experiencing the presence of the divine. Virgo is the sign of service. So often we spiritual people want to meditate ourselves all the way to enlightenment, but that misses the point. Higher consciousness has to be lived! In Virgo, health practices dispose us to union with the divine, and we become so full of the divine that we are called out to serve the world on behalf of the divine. Healing comes in this process. As the daylight grows over the next three months, make sure that the light within you is growing as well. Wherever you are stuck in victim consciousness, take responsibility, take control, claim authority over your life. The blessing of health is pouring down on us, open your arms to receive it. This is a time when miraculous healing is promised to those who act service to others. That is really what the game is all about down here; getting over ourselves and serving others. It is about love. How will you grow into love between now and spring?

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