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December 29, 2015 – Uranus stationed direct on Friday, just as we had the first full moon on Christmas day since 1977. Happy birthday sweet baby Jesus! I just love the divine timing of all of these symbols lining up… First, Uranus. Uranus has been traveling through Aries for the last three years. This period has been about recovering parts of ourselves that we suppress under the pressure to conform to societal norms. Uranus stationing direct combined with the full moon in cancer indicates that the path forward requires unconditional self love. The words that Jesus said most often during his ministry, seem to fit here, “Do not fear.” Do not fear, you are worthy of love. Do not fear, your life has meaning. Do not fear, you are here on this planet for a reason. Do not fear, you have the spark of divinity within you. Do not fear, you are not alone. The miracle of Jesus’ birth is the miracle of a change in perspective. Uranus in Aries is requiring us to own the truth of our beings, the full moon in Cancer is telling is that self-love is key to this revolution. Jesus spent his whole ministry telling people that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here right now. All that is required for entry is a shift in perspective

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