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Fasten your seatbelts y’all, Mercury stationed retrograde this morning. I find that if people only know one thing about astrology it tends to be familiarity with the lore around Mercury retrograde. There is a good reason for this. Mercury is the fastest moving of the planets. When Mercury suddenly revurses its apparent motion, it is akin to being next to a car on the freeway that goes into reverse. You are gonna notice. Mercury rules thought, communication, and perception. It also influences day-to-day routines. When Mercury is retrograde, communication goes notoriously haywire. We are talking about the weird text message that you can interpret three different ways, the important email that gets lost in your inbox, the lost keys, the spilled coffee, the check that never arrives, the wrong appointment time on the wrong date in your planner, minor accidents, annoying delays, the lost keys (again), you get the picture here. Retrograde planets indicate a need to redo or revaluate something. With Mercury moving retrograde through Aquarius through January 8th, consider how your are or are not expressing yourself authentically in your relationships. Aquarius calls us to let our freak flags fly, even when we risk disappointing others. From the 8th to the 25th Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn. Time to take a look at how you are managing your resources. Are conducting your affairs in a responsible manner? Are you serving the wider community as an elder? Mercury retrograde gives us a second chance to get it right. Adjust your life accordingly. Mercury retrograde is a time to move in a slow, methodical manner. The more you attend to what this transit asks of you the less you will be impacted by Mercury retrograde messiness. When that stuff happens, it is Mercury’s way of trying to get you to slow down and do your inner work. Mercury retrograde people, now through January 25th. Ride the wave

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