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January 30, 2016 A Word on Forecasting The term for when astrologers interpret the current astrological alignments is “astrological forecasting.” Forecasts are, in essence, astrological weather reports. Forecasting is what I have been doing with this blog. I used to get really hung up on forecasting, because understanding the impact of the current astrological alignments in our personal lives is really a lot more nuanced that what a straight reading of a forecast would have you believe. That is because you always have to run any given forecast through the filter of your own natal chart. All of us are wired to pick up on certain cosmic energies, while we are practically immune to others. When you read a forecast always consider how it is triggering your own natal chart. Word to the uninitiated, we are talking transit readings here. I am going to demonstrate what I am talking about for you guys next week, but first I am going need a some volunteers. I need a few birth charts from people who are willing to let me post their charts with a brief analysis of their karmic axis and current transits. I will post write-ups on the first three people who leave me their birth info in the comments. I need your birth date, exact time of birth, and birth place. Ready… GO! #astrology #astrologer #astrologyreadings #natalchart #transit #collage #collageartistsoninstagram

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