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January 20th, 2016 Part I of II Saturn square Neptune people, Saturn square Neptune. I can’t stop thinking about the implications of this square. While Pluto square Uranus, which I have written about quite a bit lately, is the most significant aspect of the decade, Saturn square Neptune is the most significant aspect of 2016. Let’s unpack it, shall we? Saturn square Neptune serves up a hard does of reality (Saturn) in areas of our lives where we are holding onto dreams (Neptune) that just aren’t going to come true. Bummer, right? Yes, but there is more… While Saturn can be a bit of a wet blanket, ultimately the reality that Saturn dishes out assists us in letting go of the parts of our dreams that are unrealistic so that we can make adjustments and begin to dream in more realistic way. Applying hard work to these more realistic dreams opens the gateway to manifestation. Saturn square Neptune is about both disillusionment and manifestation, they are two sides of the same coin with this square. With that said, the impact of this square will not be limited to our personal lives. This baby has the potential to bring about a large-scale cultural shift, and that is what has me on the edge of my seat. I am going to take a look at the potential shift that I am seeing for the collective consciousness under this square in part II of this discussion, coming to you tomorrow 1/21/16. #astrology #astrologer #saturnsquareneptune #handcut #collage #collageartists #collageartistsoninstagram #saturn #neptune

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