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January 21, 2016 Part II of II Today I am continuing yesterday’s conversation on the Saturn / Neptune square of 2016 by taking a look at how this aspect has the potential to bring about a shift in the collective consciousness. First, lets break down the archetypes. Saturn correlates to matter and the dependable systems that regulate life here on earth. Saturn sustains order. Neptune, on the other hand, is the most etherial of energies. It is immaterial, diffuse, and it dissolves whatever it touches. Neptune is a chaos maker. When Neptune and Saturn go head to head we see a distiption in the established order that is brought on by the birth of a new idealism in the wider population. Much has been written about the synchronicity between the Saturn / Neptune cycle and the rise of communism in Russia and the eventual fall of the USSR. Of course, we need look no farther than communist Russia to see the potential for corruption when idealistic movements form a new status quo. Here is what I am seeing with this square in the current moment: a big wake up call around climate change that has the potential to unite the masses and drive political change. Recall that just a few weeks after the first of three exact squares between Saturn and Neptune occurred on November 26th, the North Pole was an unprecedented 40 degrees above the average temperature for that time time of year. I couldn’t help but to think of Neptune dissolving the Earth’s regulatory systems when I saw that headline. I wonder if under this square we will reach a tipping point in which extreme climate events become so severe that people start to wake up en mass to this new reality that we living in. More than any other issue, I see climate change as having the capacity unite people in unity consciousness, but we have to wake up first! Can the imagine social and political ramifications? I do not know what will happen under this square, but I feel sure that we will see utopian ideals swelling up in the populace this year, uniting the masses, and influencing the establishment order. Keep an eye on this one with me you guys… #neptune #saturn #saturnsquareneptune #collage #handcut #astrology

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