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February 2, 2016 This one goes out @certifydcatladi, who asked me if I could please explain how natal charts work. Let’s wax philosophical on the metaphysics first, and then I will give you a brief rundown on the technical aspects of cart reading. So, what is a natal chart exactly? It is a map of the cosmos from the exact moment of a person’s birth. Here’s how it works: at birth, the planets align to tell the story of where the incarnating soul is coming from in terms of past life karma, and what the soul’s evolutionary intention is for the present lifetime. It is not that the universe at the moment of your birth is a reflection of you, you ARE that universe. In essence, the natal chart is a map that tells each of us how to attain the happiest lives that are available to us, and it also warns us about what our lives will look like when we slip into less functional patterns. The natal chart is your north star, and like nothing else it has the power to guide you home. Now for a brief rundown on the technical aspects of chart reading: just kidding. That was a little joke for all of the astrologers who follow this account, because really there is nothing brief about reading charts. You have signs rotating through houses and planets rotating through signs, and the planets are all forming geometrical aspects to each other (oh yeah! math!), and this whole show is a magical mystical archetypal language. It is a blessed lifetime in which one learns this ancient esoteric art. The information contained in a single chart is infinite. In my experience I stare at a chart, and I stare it, and eventually it starts whispering its secrets to me. The analysis comes, it starts getting heady, and then… there is this exquisite knowing that comes from merging with the truth of the chart that sits before me. Astrology opens the door to another dimension of life! It offers the thing we are all starving for, connection! Connection to ourselves, to the cosmos, and to the transcendent realm from which we all come! And that is why I believe that we can all benefit from getting intimately acquainted with our natal charts. @certifydcatladi, did I answer your question? #astrology

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