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Part III of V: Charts of FollowersThis is the third in a series of five posts that I am doing on the charts of some of my followers. Today, the chart of a follower born 1/1/92 in Fort Worth, Texas at 6:14 pm. With the south node in the 12th house, we are looking at a soul that has been scarred by the agony of having been set apart from society, locked away in an institutional setting. With the south node in Cancer there is a familial flavor to this institution, is it an orphanage perhaps? The moon in the 5th house conjunct Venus reinforces the theme of care-taking children, and with the moon in Sagittarius (not to mention the contacts to Jupiter in Virgo in the 3rd house), we have religious overtones all over the role that this soul has played in the karmic past. Nuns, of course, have cared for orphans throughout history. How might this karma show up in the present incarnation? When our native isn’t functioning well, she may get so wrapped up in the care of other people that she creates co-dependency in her relationships, with herself in the role of care-taker. She may have a tendency to operate so much out of this care-taking role that she avoids contact with the depths of her own soul and psyche, showing up as “The Caretaker,” rather than as a multi-dimensional human being. This pattern will feel deadening, as though a vital piece of her is still locked away in isolation. The north node is in the sixth house, in Capricorn, and this is where the healing lies. With the north node in the sixth house, there is a need to become thoroughly engaged as an actor in the world. Service on behalf of others is part of this soul’s prescription for healing, but to get it right this time around she has learn how to serve the world like a Capricorn. We are talking about establishing healthy boundaries between herself and other people. Boundaries will give our native the space that she needs to engage with her own complexity, and boundaries will help her break out of co-dependant patterns in her relationships. Tough-love is what this north node calls for. It is the kind of love that challenges people to stand on their own two feel and find their personal power.

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