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Part IV of V: Charts of Followers This is the fourth in a series of five posts that I am doing on the charts of some of my followers. In this installment, the chart of a follower born 12/15/81 at 12:29 pm in Sydney, Australia. With the south node in Capricorn, we are looking at the chart of someone who has been severely challenged in meeting the demands of day-to-day survival. Lifetime after lifetime our native has faced soul-crushing circumstances. Suppression of natural emotions became an essential part of this soul’s survival strategy. This person divorced herself from her feelings so that she could do what had to be done in order to live another day. With the south node in the 11th house, conforming to the wider group mentality was also essential to this soul’s survival. The square to Pluto indicates that our native risked the threat of violence if she dared to stand out too much. How might this karma play out in the current lifetime? The karmic hangover with this one shows up as alienation from one’s own emotional experience. We can expect it to be difficult for this person to access the full range of her emotions. Without access to her own emotional truth, having emotional intimacy with other people becomes difficult. After lifetimes of conforming to group norms, we also might expect our native to be out of touch with what will truly make her happy. The north node tells us where this soul’s healing lies. It is in Cancer, in the 5th house. Our native has a soul intention to heal though giving and receiving love in this incarnation. All of the primary players in this person’s life must nurture her in some way, and she will need firm boundaries to protect her from potentially toxic relationships. This person has a need to create a life in which she feels safe enough to soften, to feel, and to express what has been long buried inside of her heart. With the north node in the 5th house, creative self-expression is key to unlocking this heart. This is one of many signatures of the artist in this chart. Having a creative outlet will help our native reclaim her authentic voice and find her joy in life

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