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Part V of V: Charts of Followers Instagram, I have missed you. My little family has been sick with the flu, and I am just starting to come back to life. This is the fifth and final post in a series of five posts that I am doing on the charts of some of my followers. Today’s chart is that of a follower born 7/23/83 in Norman, Oklahoma at 11:36 pm. With the south node in Sagittarius we are looking at a soul that has been deeply influenced by religion in the karmic past. Neptune conjunct the south node is a signature of a religious authority figure. Note that the south node is in the 9th house of long distance journeys. Throughout history, of course, religion motivated people to travel to distant lands in order to conquer and convert the local population. Jupiter, the ruler of the south node, is in the 8th house of intimate relationships, indicating that our native married a foreigner, and / or became a foreigner by marrying abroad and settling in a foreign land. There are a lot of clues to the karmic story with this one… How might this karma carry over into the current incarnation? The dark side of Sagittarius occurs when someone’s personal truth becomes “THE TRUTH.” Rigid thinking is the tendency with this south node, served up with a strong dose of dogma. There is a need to be right, a need to be certain, and a need to covert others to the native’s line of thinking. With the north node in Gemini in the 3rd house, our native has a soul intention to evolve beyond the limits of her own thinking. Endless engagement with people who hold very different perspectives on life than her own is the key to unlocking this north node. With the south node in Sagittarius, life gets reduced to a mental abstraction and there is a deadening identification with one’s own belief system. This north node calls our native to tear down the walls of her own dogma, and get back into a more direct experience of life. Our native will experience great joy in opening up to her own curiosity, and she will find her own special zen in replacing all of her internal certainty with question marks

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