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Is anyone else out there feeling kind of stuck right about now? Like you are ready to launch into the new exciting plan that you have for yourself, but a million tedious little things keep popping up that are preventing you from moving into the next phase? There is a cosmic theme at play right now that accounts for the jerky stop / go rhythm that many of us have been feeling lately. The culprits are Saturn and Mars. They have been in tension with each other since Mars moved into Sagittarius on March 5th. Saturn took up residence in Sagittarius back in the fall, and with these two opposing planets facing off in the same sign it makes for quite a showdown.Mars is all action and adventure. In fiery Sagittarius it sees the big picture, it makes a new plan, it wants jump off into the next thing, and it is overflowing with energy and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. But hold the phone: Saturn is there in Sagittarius too, saying no, not yet, to all of Mars’ big ideas. While it may seem that Saturn is total buzz kill, really Saturn is doing the Mars in all of us a big favor. This celestial dance is all about preparation. If it feels like you are hitting roadblock after roadblock right now, that might just be Saturn telling you aren’t ready yet. Work with the limitation. Tie up the loose ends. Attend to the details. Now is the time build a strong Saturnian foundation so that when Mars passes over Saturn on August 23rd and gets free from Saturn’s constraining influence you will be ready to hit the ground running

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