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Last week I wrote about how the atmospheric energy of the moment is defined by the one step forward, two steps back rhythm Saturn and Mars facing off in Sagittarius. Mars wants action and Saturn brings delays. With both of these planets in Sagittarius there is a major theme at play for the next few months of roadblocks (Saturn) popping up as we try to launch (Mars) into a new phase (Sagittarius). As I said last week, this theme will be with us until Mars passes Saturn on August 23rd. If you are feeling a lot of frustration due to delays right now, know that this period is about paying attention to details now that will bring success later. This is a time to slow down and work the process. Both Mars and Pluto stationed retrograde in the last few days, adding a new dimension to the overall energy of the moment. Retrograde periods mark times of internal process. During this Mars retrograde, you may feel the pace of life slowing down as the planet of outward action turns internal. This is a time to reflect how we go about achieving our desires. Has your past action been effective? Mars is going to go all the way back to 23 degrees of Scorpio before it stations direct on June 29th. The implication here is that a psychological clean up job is necessary before effective forward action can be taken. The Pluto retrograde further emphasizes what Mars heading back into Scorpio is telling us. Pluto retrograde periods sharpen our perception and help us dive down into the recesses of the subconscious where unconscious psychological blocks are holding us back. Pluto is getting in on this dance between Saturn and Mars, and it is telling us that our psyches are going to have to be upgraded before we can pass go. Always with Pluto, the old must die in order for the new to be born. From now until Pluto stations direct on September 26th, consider what needs to me eliminated from your life in order for your action in the world to be powerful and effective. #astrology #astrologer #plutoretrograde #marsretrograde #mars #pluto #saturn #sagittarius #scorpio #collage #collageartist #collageartistsoninstagram

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