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The moon is full in Scorpio today my friends, bringing clarity to the parts of ourselves that must die so that we can be reborn on a higher plane of consciousness. Such a heavy opening line, right? I know. That’s the point. Scorpio doesn’t play around. With Saturn square the nodes, this is a time of reckoning with who we have been and who we will become. We have a choice to make around our identities. Are you the one that you born to be? We are all standing at a crossroads right now, choosing which path we will take. The Scorpion loves a sacrifice, and the sacrifice that the Scorpion is calling for today is made clear by the light of the full moon. You know what you need to do. Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto have been forming a grand trine earth for the last week. Although this trine has already peaked it’s still there, telling us to root down into the earth to support the big personal changes that this time demands. Maintaining a healthy rhythm in your daily life will assist deep psychological transformation over the next several months, and you will reap the rewards when Mars passes Saturn and launches into a whole new phase in August. #fullmooninscorpio #astrology #astrologer #collage #collageartist #collageartistsoninstagram #fullmoon #horoscope #notyourmommashoroscope

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