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Jupiter stationed direct on Tuesday, but with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all still retrograde, Retrograde Season 2016 is still very much in effect. Retrogrades are marked by emotional intensity, but this week we also have the stabilizing influence of a grand trine earth in the mix. Let’s interpret the meaning of this celestial dance, shall we? First of all, the retrogrades and grand trine are happening within the larger context of the Mars / Saturn cycle that is playing out in Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius is dreaming a new dream, and it has us wanting to jump off into an exciting new phase of life. But Saturn is also there is Sagittarius putting the brakes on, saying we aren’t ready yet. We are being held in a period of preparation until Mars gets free of Saturn in August. All of these retrogrades happening within the context of this period of preparation. Retrogrades pull us way back into the recesses of our psyches to reconsider our truth, our perspective, our motivations, our actions, and our behavior. It is possible to awaken into higher consciousness right now and to leave old dysfunctional patterns behind for good. The psychological clean up job that the retrogrades bring is ultimately in service to manifesting the larger dream associated with the Mars / Saturn cycle. That brings us to this week’s grand trine earth… This aspect is extremely potent for manifesting our dreams, but it comes with a warning: this is not a time to be slacking off! Trines can make us lazy, because the old ineffective patterns feel so harmonious under trines! They are the path of least resistance! You have to work a trine to get the benefit, and this trine is telling us to keep showing up single day to work the process. Now is the time to bring your habits and daily routines into alignment with the dream that you desire to manifest. And there is a even a bonus with this grand trine! The grand trine offers solace for those of you who are feeling emotional turmoil with all of the retrograde activity: diet, exercise, meditation, sleep, and caring for your ever-so-earthly financial resources are the keys to thriving during Retrograde Season

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