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There is not a lot that is new in the astrology this week. The energy is still defined by the Mars / Saturn cycle (which has to do with preparation for a new phase of life), the four retrograde planets (which are about doing psychological clean-up work, so that you can launch into this new phase unencumbered by old toxic psychological patterns), and the grand trine earth (which is about rooting down into healthy routines in order to facilitate transformation). For a complete rundown on these aspects see my post from last week with the collage of the dancing ladies taking a joy ride through the galaxy. This holding pattern that we are in is going to break up over the weekend with the full moon in Sagittarius, the sun moving into Gemini, and Mercury stationing direct. That’s right friends: Mercury stations direct over the weekend. We are in the last few days of Retrograde Season 2016. Use these next few days to take full advantage of the retrograde energy while it is still in effect. Having four planets retrograde is a tremendous opportunity for transformation. Get quiet. Go inside yourself. Question everything that you assume to be true about yourself, your life, your limits, your past, and your future. Rise above the clouds these next few days and see everything from the higher vantage point that the retrogrades offer. Call yourself on your own bullshit. Free your mind and spirit from the tyranny of your self-limiting behaviors and beliefs. Now is the time to rewrite the script. There are only three more full days left in this retrograde season. Milk it for everything it’s worth.Interested in staying connected? Visit to sign up for my email list

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