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I’ve been missing you my friends! I have been off galavanting through the Sunshine State. Apparently there is no WiFi in the jungle swamps, I did manage to take this photo for you though. I’m back home now. Let’s check in on the planets and get this astro blog rolling again. I must say that the astrology of the moment gives me pause. It’s complex! It’s hard to pin down! What to say, what to SAY? We have a grand mutable cross at play this week. This makes for rapidly changing circumstances. Nothing is certain right now except that everything is changing.Mutable signs are about endings. Major phases of our lives are ending right now. Of course, endings bring beginnings, but what is beginning is not yet clear. This is a time of such rapid shift that it is impossible to know exactly where anything is going to land. Now is not a time for certainty. Now is the time to end that which is coming to a close well, and to get clear about what you want in the next phase of your life. This is the time to create a crystal clear vision, and to do the work that is needed in order to bring that vision into manifestation. Manifestation itself is a long way off; we are at the beginning of the beginning right now. What do you need to do to herald in the next phase of your life and begin it well? Do that. Do that now.Want a chance to win a free natal chart reading? Go to and sign up for my newsletter. Each month I select one subscriber at random to review a free reading. This is your last call to sign up in time for the June giveaway because I am selecting the winner tomorrow

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