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Did you feel that? You weren’t imagining it. There was a big shift in the cosmic energy in the last 24 hours. I felt it too. Yesterday Mercury and the moon switched signs. Both planets moved into Cancer, where they slow down the speed of life and turn our thoughts toward introspection. Mars is in Cancer too, and with the moon blazing past Mars today it might be easy to loose perspective, to get lost in our subjective versions of the truth, and to give in to the temptation to act on impulses that we regret later. Saturn, wise elder that he is, is opposing this hot-headed moon / Mars combo, calling for restraint, for waiting, for maturity. Today is a day to think and feel, feel and think, and to be curious about the other perspective. Wise action is for another day. Remember that the meta theme from now into next year is the Saturn / Pluto conjunction that is slowly brewing in the background. The structure of our lives is changing. Transformation is coming for us and we are never going to be the same, but we don’t have to figure it all out today… If you want to learn more about how Saturn and Pluto are impacting your natal chart, you can book a reading with me at

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