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Back on February 13th, I wrote a post about what we might expect during Uranus’ 7 year transit of Taurus. @timiconley left a comment to that post, saying, “Could we possibly expect some radical revolutionary gardening with Uranus in Taurus?” “Revolutionary gardening.” We live in a time when gardening is revolutionary. I sat with those words when I read them and I had a flashback to my freshman year of college. It the last few minutes of Humanites 101. We were reading Voltaire’s Candide. Remember Candide? Candide, a sheltered aristocrat, is cast out of his home in a castle for kissing the baron’s daughter. He sets out on a journey in which he experiences all manner of human suffering. He witnesses the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami. He survives a famine and a war. His friends die, he survives that too. And what is our hero to do after experiencing so much horror? He settles down and he cultivates a garden. This was the build up to the greatest moment of my entire academic career. The professor segwayed from Candide into talking about how his doctoral thesis had him studying humanitarian crises around the world. He made reference to the emotional impact that the magnitude of human suffering had had on him. He said that he was tempted to despair, but that life is about cultivating one’s garden. Then our professor turned to us. He pointed out our youth and the fact that at that stage of life we were setting out on journeys in which we would face unimaginable hardships and challenges. He told us that when that when our lives got rough to remember to cultivate our gardens and then he dismissed our final class. So yes, @timiconley. Uranus in Taurus is calling us to “revolutionary gardening” both on the collective and personal levels. I don’t know about you, but I have had just about all of the existential stress that I can take here lately. What do we do in a time like this? We cultivate our gardens. Uranus in Taurus is calling us home to the simplicity of seeds and soil, and to cultivate the space within our hearts

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