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Following last Tuesday’s solar eclipse, we are now officially nine days into Eclipse Season. At this point I have to ask, is it just me, or is there something about this eclipse cycle that is just a bit… trippy?The eclipses are in Cancer and Capricorn this go-round, and they are troubling the lies that Capricorn has told us. You know what I am talking about. The social, familial, and societal pressure to BE and DO a certain thing in order to prove ourselves worthy in the eyes of the world is a Capricorn phenomena. Capricorn gives us the drive to create lives worth living, and the creation of a meaningful life is wonderful thing! The problem comes in when we internalize pressure to conform to socially acceptable ways of being in the world and completely loose touch with our authentic selves. This is the stuff that mid-life crises are made of. The gift of these eclipses is that they are lifting the veil on the old stories about who we should be and asking us to embrace who we really are. They call for death to the structures in our lives that serve to alienate us from our true selves, so that we can live more authentic lives. May we have eyes to see what is real this eclipse season (7/2/19 – 7/16/19).✨ Want to know how the eclipses are impacting you? Use promo code “ECLIPSE” when you book (at to receive a $25 discount on eclipse readings, from now until the end of July

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