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“There is another possibility; it may be out of OUR control, but it may not be out of control. The eschaton is there.”

“What is the eschaton?”

“The eschaton is the hyper-object at the end of history that like an enormous magnet is organizing the iron filings of societies, messiahs, housewives, and day nurses, and orienting it all toward an expression of divinity that lies at the end of the historical process… Love is what lies at the end of the historical descent onto novelty, it has to be. Now, the reason there’s a lot of freaking out is because the trip gets rougher as you approach the zero point. That’s the way that on an airfoil approaching the speed of sound you get q forces building up along the cutting edge of the airfoil, and the q forces are at maximum immediately before you break the sound barrier. So the history barrier, history “the ride” is going to shake your teeth out in the last moments and then you will touch the eschaton and break through.”

-Terence Mckenna, Patron Saint of Eschatologists, 1992

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