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Apprenticeship Program – Level I or Level II

The program spans 20 weeks and involves 30 hours of learning.

In Level I, you’ll learn about chart synthesis and interpretation.

In Level II, you’ll refine your chart reading skills and learn about transits and synastry.

Join us on this exciting journey to master astrology, whether you choose Level 1 or 2, and gain a deep understanding of the stars.

Participants must complete Astro 101 prior to registering for the Apprenticeship Program.


Level I Details

Level I Apprenticeship Program – Fall / Winter 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with our 20-week, 30-hour Level I Apprenticeship Program, focusing on the art of chart synthesis and interpretation.

Guided by Steven Forrest’s book “Yesterday’s Sky,” we delve into his method for uncovering the narrative arc within a chart. As evolutionary astrologers, we are the storytellers of the cosmic language, piecing together and revealing the chart’s intricate tale.

Throughout the course, you’ll explore how to navigate the chart, identify patterns, and construct compelling narratives. You’ll have the opportunity to study at least three charts, including those of partners, parents, siblings, and challenging relationships – all under the guidance of our experienced mentor.

Our curriculum extends beyond chart analysis, covering essential dignities of the planets, planetary rulerships, astrological chain of command, and lunar influences. We’ll also delve into major astrological events, such as the eclipses in the fall of 2023 and insights into the approaching year of 2024.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the mystical aspects of astrology that can’t be taught but experienced, adding an enriching dimension to your learning journey.

Classes are recorded for your convenience, and recordings are made available for future reference. Prior completion of Astro 101 is required for admission to the Apprenticeship Program.

For inquiries, please reach out to cj@starcrow.com.

Join us on Sunday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm ET for the following schedule:

– Class #1: 10/8/23
– Class #2: 10/15/23
– Class #3: 10/22/23
– Class #4: 10/29/23
– Class #5: 11/5/23
– Class #6: 11/12/23
– Class #7: 11/19/23
– (No class on 11/26)
– Class #8: 12/3/23
– Class #9: 12/10/23
– Class #10: 12/17/23
– (Mystery Chart Sent Home / No Class on 12/24 & 12/31)
– Class #11: 1/7/24
– Class #12: 1/14/24
– Class #13: 1/21/24
– Class #14: 1/28/24
– Class #15: 2/4/24
– Class #16: 2/11/24
– Class #17: 2/18/24
– Class #18: 2/25/24
– Class #19: 3/3/24
– Class #20: 3/10/24

Level II Details

Level II Apprenticeship Program – Fall / Winter 2023

Advance your astrological journey with our Level II Apprenticeship Program, an enriching 20-week, 30-hour course focused on refining chart reading skills, transits, and synastry.

In this exciting program, you’ll delve deeper into chart analysis, learning the intricate language of transits and the art of understanding relationships through synastry. With opportunities to study at least four charts, you’ll sharpen your skills under the guidance of our experienced mentor.

Our curriculum is rich and engaging, covering topics such as the astrology of midlife and aging during the first half of the course. We explore Howard Sasportas’ “The Gods of Change,” gaining insights into the transformative processes of life. The second half of the course delves into the fascinating realm of synastry, providing valuable insights into relationship astrology.

Amidst the journey, a mystery chart will be sent home as part of a research project, allowing you to apply your knowledge in an exciting real-world scenario.

Classes are held on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm ET:

  • Class #1: September 5
  • Class #2: September 12
  • Class #3: September 19
  • (No class on Sept 26th)
  • Class #4: October 3
  • Class #5: October 10
  • Class #6: October 17
  • Class #7: Oct 24th
  • (No class on October 31st)
  • Class #8: Nov 2
  • Class #9: Nov 14th
  • Class #10: Nov 21st
  • Class #11: Nov 28
  • Class #12: Dec 5
  • Class #13: Dec 12
  • Class #14: Dec 19
  • (No class on Dec 26 & Jan 2)
  • Class #15: Jan 9
  • Class #16: Jan 16
  • Class #17: Jan 23
  • Class #18: Jan 30
  • Class #19: Feb 7
  • Class #20: Feb 13
Pay In Full
8 monthly payments of $225

Evolutionary Astrology

Two ways to learn the language of astrology in this Evolutionary Astrology 101 course!

This class will introduce the zodiac, the signs, the houses, the planets, and the astrological aspects. These are the essential principles of every successful astrology practice. You’ll walk away with the ability to do beginner-level readings and a foundation for growing your astrology skills.

☝️ To purchase the self-guided course, click here.


✌️ If you’re interested in the live version of this class, please email me. (cj@starcrow.com)

I will rerun it, once I have 4 people interested in this class!
The live version includes:

8 live group calls where we’ll dig into your charts and apply the key concepts from that class (group sessions are recorded so no worries if you need to miss one!)
• An intimate space capped at 8 students, where you’ll have plenty of time and space to ask questions!
• A 20-minute one-on-one call with Carrie, so she can get to know you and your chart. Carrie will email you to schedule your 20-minute call after you’ve signed up for the course.

Starcrow Astrology - Carrie johnson

About your Teacher

Carrie Johnson is a Steven Forrest Certified Evolutionary Astrologer.  Since 2015, she has interpreted over 800 charts. Her teaching style is both intuitive and methodical. She believes that Astrology is infinitely creative, and encourages her students to bring their inner beauty and expression into class.

✨ Questions? Please email Carrie: cj@starcrow.com