Astro 101 – Class Starts 11/08/22

Learn the language of astrology over seven 90-minute classes starting in October! This class will provide an introduction to the zodiac, the signs, the houses, the planets, and the astrological aspects, which are the foundational principles of every successful astrology practice. We will use participants’ charts throughout the course to illustrate these core concepts. In the final class, we will learn a beginner technique for reading charts. Classes will be recorded and provided to members of the class.

Prerequisite: students must have had at least one astrology reading from Starcrow Astrology. The class is limited to six participants. There is one space available at a sliding scale, please email Carrie for details. Astro 101 is the prerequisite for the 20-week Astrology Apprenticeship program.

Seven Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm (EST)
November 8th – December 20th
1st time Reading and Class Bundle: $471
Email to register.

Moon Circle & Transit Support Group – Class Starts 12/22/2022

Learn how to work with your astrological transits in this Moon Circle & Transit Support Group! This class will meet twice a month for three months this winter, at noon on Thursday prior to the new and full moon. In this class, you will learn how to track the moon’s movement through your chart, and we will use lunar transits as a jumping-off point to explore the longer-term transits in your chart. This class will bring the moon to life and help you to develop your own personal relationship with the moon. Prerequisite: students must have had at least one astrology reading with Starcrow Astrology. This class is limited to four participants.

Six Thursdays
12:00 noon – 1:30 pm (EST)

December 22 – New Moon in Capricorn
January 5 – Full Moon in Cancer
January 19 – New Moon in Aquarius
February 2 – Full Moon in Leo
February 17 – New Moon in Pisces
March 2 – Full Moon in Virgo

Moon Class and first-time reading Bundle – $606

Email to register.

Red Pill Club: MKUltra, Cybernetics, and Social Engineering

From mind mapping to cybernetics and social engineering, this course will look at the history and legacy of the CIA’s notorious MkUltra program from an astrological perspective.

Five Sundays 8:00 – 9:00 pm (EST)
Class starts when 12 people express interest in taking the class.


Email to be added to the waitlist for this class.

Apprenticeship Program – Begins 1/5/2023

This 30-hour Apprenticeship Program focuses on chart synthesis and interpretation. The class meets for 20 Thursdays starting on January 5, 2023. Each participant will have the opportunity to select at least three charts for the group to study; past participants have chosen their partners, parents, siblings, and friends. Additional topics covered in the course include planetary rulerships, essential dignities of the planets, and the moon. Classes will be recorded and recordings will be provided to participants.  This class is limited to five participants. Participants must complete Astro 101 prior to registering for the Apprenticeship Program. Note that one space is available on a sliding scale, please email Carrie for details.

Thursday nights from 7 – 8:30 pm (EST)
January 5th – June 1st, 2023


Email to register.

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