3-Readings Spring Special

This special package is designed to be used for frequent transit readings, but clients have also used it for in-depth study of their natal charts, transits, and synastry (relationship astrology). Following your purchase, Carrie will send you a coupon code to use for booking each of three 60-min Zoom calls.

Natal Chart Reading

During a natal chart reading, we will take a look at your past-life karma, the evolutionary intention for the present incarnation, as well as the assets and liabilities that you carry with you on your journey. 90min Zoom call; your reading also includes a 15-20 page written natal chart report (PDF).

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Follow-up Session

During follow-up sessions, we will take a look at how the current planetary alignments are interacting with your natal chart in order to help you determine how to use these energies to your greatest advantage. 60min Zoom call; also includes a 12-month transit report (PDF).

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Synastry Reading

Synastry, or relationship astrology, explores the dynamics between two charts in order to analyze the compatibility between two people. Either one or both people can participate, but if only one, there should be consent from the other. 90min Zoom call; also includes a 15-20 page synastry report (PDF) for both charts.

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