Your Astrologer For The Year

Learn how astrology will uniquely impact you in 2024–2025!

Each new year brings new gifts and challenges. Studying astrology can help us know what the flavor for the year will be, but without an expert guiding you, it can be hard to know what areas of your life will be impacted.

For the first time ever, you can book a full year’s worth of readings with Carrie! This means that you will meet with Carrie five times throughout the next 12 months and be supported through every twist and turn that the stars bring over the next year.

What’s included?

★ 20-minute intake conversation with Carrie
★ 60-minute Year-Ahead Reading where you’ll learn which transits will be most significant for you over the coming year
★ Two 60-minute Eclipse Readings, to help you prepare for and take advantage of the eclipses in spring and fall of 2024. Spring Eclipse Readings will include an analysis of how the Jupiter / Uranus conjunction will impact your natal chart.
★ 60-minute Solar Return Reading during your birth month
★ 60-minute Bespoke Reading on the topic of your choice
★ As a special bonus, this package includes the recorded version of Starcrow’s Evolutionary Astrology 101 Course!

Carrie will contact you via email to set up your 20-minute intake conversation upon purchase of your package. Appointments must be scheduled within one year from the date of purchase.


1 Payment of $900
3 Payments of $300
12 Payments of $75

Natal Chart Readings

During a natal chart reading, we will take a look at your past-life karma, the evolutionary intention for the present incarnation, as well as the assets and liabilities that you carry with you on your journey. 90-minute Zoom call. Clients may choose to have their readings recorded. Readings include a 15-20 page written natal chart report (PDF).


1 Payment of $222
2 payments of $111

Transit Readings

Find out how this season’s major astrological events are uniquely impacting your natal chart with a Transit Reading! During your reading we will take a look at all of your most significant transits in order to help you discover how to best work with your current astrological alignments. 60-minute Zoom call. Clients may choose to have their readings recorded; recordings provided to clients following the reading. Readings include a 12-month written transit report (PDF).


1 payment of $201
2 payments of $100.50

Solar Return Readings

Solar return charts are calculated for the exact moment that the sun returns to the place that it was in at the moment of your birth. It’s a birthday chart! During your reading, we will use your solar return chart to assess and predict the themes that will arise for you during your next year of life. The ideal time to book a Solar Return Reading is during your birth month. If time allows we will also take a look at your transits. 60-minute Zoom call. Clients may choose to have their readings recorded; recordings provided to clients following the reading. Readings include a written Solar Return Report (PDF) as well as a 12-month written Transit Report (PDF).


1 payment of $201
2 payments of $100.50

Synastry Readings

Synastry, or relationship astrology, explores the dynamics between two charts in order to analyze the compatibility between two people. Either one or both people can participate. 90-minute Zoom call; clients may choose to have the call recorded. Also includes a 15-20 page written synastry report (PDF).


1 Payment of $222
2 Payments of $111

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If the times listed do not work for you, please email me so we can find an alternate time.

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