The point of astrology is to encourage the soul.

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Astrology reading giveaway for June

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Each month I select one person from my email list to receive a FREE astrology reading and I am excited to announce that the winner for June. Want to win a free astrology reading? Sign up for my email list in order to be automatically entered in next month’s drawing…

Grand mutable cross and rapidly changing circumstances

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Apparently there is no WiFi in the jungle swamps, I did manage to take this photo for you though. I’m back home now, so let’s check in on the planets. I must say that the astrology of the moment gives me pause. It’s complex! We have a grand mutable cross at play this week. This makes for rapidly changing circumstances…

Welcome to the sign of the twins

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Our sun moved into Gemini today, welcome to the sign of the twins! The energy is starting to shift my friends! Things are speeding up, things are moving! Can you feel it? Welcome to bi-polarity my friends! You are now touring the third sign of the zodiac, enjoy it…

Getting It

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I was analyzing a natal chart wth my mentor earlier this week when I had a sudden flash of insight and said, “This whole chart is about how (the native) gets over herself!” My mentor replied, “That’s what it is always about Carrie. That’s the whole point of astrology.”

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