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The eschaton is there

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The eschaton is the hyper-object at the end of history that like an enormous magnet is organizing the iron filings of societies, messiahs, housewives, and day nurses, and orienting it all toward an expression of divinity that lies at the end of the historical process…

All my own true self

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This isn’t pleasant, but it’s real. And it’s the crux of my thesis about the potential for the transformation of human consciousness that is happening on the planet right now. The bombed-out building, the woman, and the developers in this collage are from a February 1983 National Geographic article about the rebuilding of Beirut following the 1982 Lebanon War, but they could have just as easily been taken in Syria today…

The intensity of it all

The intensity of it all

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It has been hard for me to know that to write in the last few days, because, the intensity of it all. I have been looking to the astrology for something redemptive this week, and the most prophetic thing that I can see is see Uranus in Taurus…


Eyes to see it

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“You are involved in a mysterious engagement where every living moment presents you with mystery, opportunity, and wonder. There is no mundane dimension, really, if you have the eyes to see it…”

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