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Feeling sheepish

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Uranus is sitting at 29 degrees of Aries, moving slowly toward its ingress into Taurus on Match 7th. The times they are a changin’, and I gotta admit the anticipation has got me feeling sheepish. It’s a big deal when the outer planets switch signs. Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto define epochs. They write the history books and their meta narrative always boils down to the evolution of human consciousness…

Mars conjunct Uranus

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Mars conjunct Uranus today and tomorrow has me thinking about some predators that I want to see in jail, no offense intended to all of the sharks reading this post. Uranus is the planet of sudden shock and surprise. It crashes in like lightning and disrupts the status quo. Mars is the planet of action. Together they are a particularly explosive combination. This conjunction brings big revelations and forces new action…

Grand mutable cross and rapidly changing circumstances

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Apparently there is no WiFi in the jungle swamps, I did manage to take this photo for you though. I’m back home now, so let’s check in on the planets. I must say that the astrology of the moment gives me pause. It’s complex! We have a grand mutable cross at play this week. This makes for rapidly changing circumstances…

Welcome to the sign of the twins

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Our sun moved into Gemini today, welcome to the sign of the twins! The energy is starting to shift my friends! Things are speeding up, things are moving! Can you feel it? Welcome to bi-polarity my friends! You are now touring the third sign of the zodiac, enjoy it…

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